Nationwide order on wearing face masks on public transport

From 22 August, face masks or visors must be worn on all Midttrafik’s buses as well as on Letbanen, Lemvigbanen and on all Flextrafik (dial-a-ride) services. Face masks/visors must also be worn at railway and bus stations and on Letbanen platforms. The Danish government has now ordered face masks to be worn on public transport everywhere in Denmark.

See special COVID-19 travel rules here

You can use a disposable face mask or cloth face mask. The face masks must cover the nose and mouth, and be held in place by a string, elastic etc. behind the ears or head, and they must sit tightly against the face.

Alternatively, you can use a visor, which is a plastic screen that covers the eyes, nose and mouth, but which does not sit tightly against the face.

If you do not wear a face mask or visor, you risk being asked to leave the train or bus etc., unless you are covered by one of the following exemptions:

  • Children under 12 years of age do not have to wear face masks.
  • People with breathing difficulties, impaired consciousness, or people who suffer from a physical or mental impairment which prevents them from removing a face mask do not have to wear a face mask.
  • Face masks may be removed if the wearer experiences discomfort or feels unwell, for example if the wearer experiences breathing difficulties, feelings of being suffocated etc.
  • A face mask can be removed if it is necessary to eat or drink, take one’s medicine, or to talk to people who lip-read.
  • A face mask may also be removed for the purpose of police identification.

The drivers are authorised, but not obliged, to turn away customers who are not wearing a face mask or visor. Midttrafik is deploying extra inspectors throughout the Midttrafik area to enforce the government’s order on the use of face masks and visors. 

Cash payment on buses

As from 6 August, you will once again be able to buy tickets from the driver, and pay with cash. However, we do recommend using the Midttrafik app or Rejsekort if you can. You can also by single trip tickets from our webshop. Tickets from the webshop can either be printed, or shown on your mobile phone.

Read more in the Midttrafik app

Read more about the Midttrafik webshop

You will still be able to buy tickets from the ticket machines on Aarhus city buses. The driver will give you change, but we recommend that you have the right money.

Opening of front doors and more passengers

As from Thursday, 18 June, drivers will once again be able to open the front doors for passengers on all Midttrafik buses. The number of passengers permitted on an ordinary bus will also increase to about 40, on a medium-sized bus to about 55, and on an articulated bus to about 65.

Letbanen passengers should refrain from boarding a train if they can see that there are so many on board that it will be impossible to maintain social distancing.
Passengers are welcome to stand alongside each other, but not opposite each other.

Please continue to keep a safe distance from the driver, and refrain from using the front seats.

Please respect the driver. Avoid lingering in front of the driver when boarding, and show your ticket at arm’s length.

Good travel advice during the corona crisis

  • Keep your distance at bus stops, Letbanen platforms, on Letbanen trains and on buses.
  • Respect the number of passengers permitted
  • Sit or stand facing the direction of travel
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer, and use it before touching contact points such as the Stop button
  • Use a face mask 

Follow the recommendations of the authorities

Travel guarantee

Updated May 29, 2020

The travel guarantee now applies in all cases other than those related to COVID-19. 

Fewer customers in buses and on Letbanen and Lemvigbanen

Following recommendations from the authorities, on 18 May we are revising the number of passengers permitted on an ordinary bus to about 40, on a medium-sized bus to about 55, and on an articulated bus to about 65.

We urge everyone to spread themselves throughout the bus as much as possible, using seats and standing places. According to the latest official advice, everyone should stay at least one metre apart. However, it is possible to sit beside each other and look ahead; on the other hand, passengers should avoid sitting opposite each other.

The driver has the right and is obliged to keep the doors closed and drive past bus stops when the bus is full.

Please help the bus driver, and keep your distance from other passengers. Do not try to board the bus if it is full.

Stay on the right, and wait until everyone has disembarked before entering the bus.

On Letbanen and Lemvigbanen, please wait for a train with vacant seats if all the seats are occupied on the train arriving at the platform.

Midttrafik's customer service is opening for personal service

Midttrafik's customer service is opening for personal service on 18 May with restricted opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10-14.

This means we can again hand over lost property during this period. 

You can still call +45 70 210 230 for advice on tickets, timetables etc. within normal opening hours. 

See opening hours here