The ban does not apply to public transport

The ban on gatherings of more than 10 persons does not apply to public transport, so it is still possible to take the bus, train or light rail to get to work etc.

Buses, Letbanen, Lemvigbanen and Flextrafik

Buses, Letbanen, Lemvigbanen and Flextrafik are all running under the same conditions that we have announced. However, you should only use buses, Letbanen, Lemvigbanen and Flextrafik when necessary.

Take care – and look after each other. Keep your distance, and avoid travelling in the rush hour if possible. If you are ill, or suspect that you have been infected with COVID-19, you must not travel by bus, Letbanen, Lemvigbanen or Flextrafik.

Buses will only allow passengers to board if there are seats available on the bus. Once all the seats are taken, the doors will close, and the bus will drive past the bus stops until there are vacant seats again. The bus drivers have been instructed to turn away passengers if there are no seats available to them. We ask that everyone follows the driver’s instructions.

On Letbanen and Lemvigbanen, we ask that you wait for the next train with vacant seats if there are no vacant seats on the train which stops at the platform.

Due to force majeure, Midttrafik’s travel guarantee is suspended from 11 March. 

No cash payments on buses

From 18 March Midttrafik is following the recommendation of the authorities and banning cash payments on our buses. We suggest that you pay using the Midttrafik app or Rejsekort instead.

More information about Midttrafik app

It will still be possible to buy tickets from the ticket machines on Aarhus city buses, but drivers will not change money.

No entry via front doors on buses

From 13 March the front doors of many buses will be closed for entry. Instead, passengers should use the bus’s other doors to enter and exit the vehicle.

Passengers still need to check in with Rejsekort at the front of the bus, and show their tickets to the driver. 

Midttrafik Customer Service is closed for personal service

Midttrafik Customer Service is closed for personal service from 13 March. Consequently, we are unable to hand over lost property in this period. We will obviously look after your property while it is in our possession.

More information about Midttrafik Customer Service

Refunds of transit tickets in connection with coronavirus/COVID-19

Normally, refunding a transit ticket costs a fee corresponding to the price for 8 days. This rule has been temporarily revoked, as many customers are not able to use their transit tickets due to the novel coronavirus disease/COVID-19. This means that, for a temporary period, it is possible to obtain a refund for all the days left on your transit ticket.  

Use this contact form, if you want your transfer ticket refunded

Please follow the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations

  • Show consideration to fellow passengers
  • Keep distance
  • If possible, please travel outside peak-hours
  •  If you are sick or feel ill, please don’t use bus, train or lightrail

Read more about the Danish Health Authority's reccommendation