Travel guarantee

The travel guarantee now applies in all cases other than those related to COVID-19. (Updated May 29, 2020)

Fewer customers in buses and on Letbanen and Lemvigbanen

Following recommendations from the authorities, on 18 May we are revising the number of passengers permitted on an ordinary bus to about 40, on a medium-sized bus to about 55, and on an articulated bus to about 65.

We urge everyone to spread themselves throughout the bus as much as possible, using seats and standing places. According to the latest official advice, everyone should stay at least one metre apart. However, it is possible to sit beside each other and look ahead; on the other hand, passengers should avoid sitting opposite each other.

The driver has the right and is obliged to keep the doors closed and drive past bus stops when the bus is full.

Please help the bus driver, and keep your distance from other passengers. Do not try to board the bus if it is full.

Stay on the right, and wait until everyone has disembarked before entering the bus.

On Letbanen and Lemvigbanen, please wait for a train with vacant seats if all the seats are occupied on the train arriving at the platform.

Midttrafik's customer service is opening for personal service

Midttrafik's customer service is opening for personal service on 18 May with restricted opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10-14.

This means we can again hand over lost property during this period. 

You can still call +45 70 210 230 for advice on tickets, timetables etc. within normal opening hours. 

See opening hours here

Midttrafik normalises rules for refunds

Since the coronavirus lockdown in Denmark, traffic companies and rail operators have, as an extraordinary measure, offered to refund unused tickets and cards free of charge and right up until the point of departure.

However, now that the lockdown is gradually being eased, and customers are able to go about their daily lives with a higher degree of predictability, Danish transport companies and rail operators are normalising the rules for refunds.

The normal rules for ticket and card refunds will apply from 11 May 2020.

Normally, refunding a transit ticket costs a fee corresponding to the price for 8 days. 

Read more about ticket and card refunds

The ban does not apply to public transport

The ban on gatherings of more than 10 persons does not apply to public transport, so it is still possible to take the bus, train or light rail to get to work etc.

Buses, Letbanen, Lemvigbanen and Flextrafik are all running under the same conditions that we have announced. However, you should only use buses, Letbanen, Lemvigbanen and Flextrafik when necessary.

Take care – and look after each other. Keep your distance, and avoid travelling in the rush hour if possible. If you are ill, or suspect that you have been infected with COVID-19, you must not travel by bus, Letbanen, Lemvigbanen or Flextrafik.

Buses will only allow passengers to board if there are seats available on the bus. Once all the seats are taken, the doors will close, and the bus will drive past the bus stops until there are vacant seats again. The bus drivers have been instructed to turn away passengers if there are no seats available to them. We ask that everyone follows the driver’s instructions.

On Letbanen and Lemvigbanen, we ask that you wait for the next train with vacant seats if there are no vacant seats on the train which stops at the platform.

No cash payments on buses

From 18 March Midttrafik is following the recommendation of the authorities and banning cash payments on our buses. We suggest that you pay using the Midttrafik app or Rejsekort instead.

More information about Midttrafik app

It will still be possible to buy tickets from the ticket machines on Aarhus city buses, but drivers will not change money.

No entry via front doors on buses

From 13 March the front doors of many buses will be closed for entry. Instead, passengers should use the bus’s other doors to enter and exit the vehicle.

Passengers still need to check in with Rejsekort at the front of the bus, and show their tickets to the driver. 

Please follow the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations

  • Show consideration to fellow passengers
  • Keep distance
  • If possible, please travel outside peak-hours
  •  If you are sick or feel ill, please don’t use bus, train or lightrail

Read more about the Danish Health Authority's reccommendation