Corona passports not required on Midttrafik’s buses, Letbanen or Midtjyske Jernbaner

Several customers have asked whether you have to show a corona passport when travelling on Midttrafik’s buses, Letbanen or Midtjyske Jernbaner. 

You DO NOT. However, corona passports must be shown on long-distance buses such as FlixBus and the Kombardo buses.

You still have to wear face masks in buses, on Letbanen and on Midtjyske Jernbaner trains. If you cannot wear a face mask, you may use a visor. Some customers may be exempt from the above requirements for health reasons.

Night buses suspended due to new restrictions

From 10 December, all Midttrafik’s night bus services have been suspended due to the latest restrictions in connection with shutting down nightlife.

Transit ticket refunds

If you have a transit ticket, and you have been instructed to work from home, you can have your transit ticket refunded from now until 16 January 2022 free of charge.

Complete the form and submit it as soon as possible

Face masks/visors required on public transport

From 29 November 2021, face masks or visors must again be worn in selected places, for example on public transport.

Face masks or visors must therefore be worn on all Midttrafik’s buses as well as on Letbanen, Midtjyske Jernbaner, on Flextrafik (dial-a-ride) services, at all major stations and at all Letbanen stops. 

Even if you have a corona pass, you are not exempt from wearing a face mask/visor.

From 19 December, drivers will also be required to wear a face mask/visor. 

What can you use?

You can use a disposable face mask or cloth face mask. The face masks must cover the nose and mouth, and be held in place by a string, elastic etc. behind the ears or head, and they must sit tightly against the face.
You can also use a face visor, which is a plastic screen that covers the eyes, nose and mouth, or the nose and mouth, but which does not sit tightly against the face. If you are unable to use a face mask, a visor is often a good alternative, as it does not sit tightly against your nose and mouth.

Who is exempt?

The following customers are exempted from having to wear a face mask/visor:

  • Children under 12 years of age
  • People with impaired consciousness
  • People with physical or mental impairments etc. which prevent them from being able to wear a face mask/visor.

The face mask or visor may be removed completely or partially if there is a creditable reason for doing so. For example:

  • During the brief consumption of food and drink, provided this is permitted according to the rules applying on the means of transport, at the station etc. in question.
  • When taking medicine.
  • When talking with people who lip-read.
  • If the face mask or visor results in breathing difficulties or feelings of being suffocated.
  • For identification purposes by the police.

Remember therefore that there may be good reasons why some passengers are not wearing a face mask or visor. Avoid telling other passengers off if they are not wearing a face mask or visor. Instead, ask the ticket inspector if you are in doubt.

Inspectors ensure that requirements are upheld

Drivers are authorised, but not obliged, to turn away passengers who are not wearing a face mask or visor. Midttrafik has inspectors operating throughout the Midttrafik area to enforce the government’s order on the use of face masks and visors.

Peace of mind a shared responsibility

There are big differences in how safe we feel when travelling by public transport. Some people are vaccinated and not at all concerned, while others still feel nervous given how close passengers can be on buses and trains etc.

To accommodate this, we are obviously following the official recommendations, but we are also going out of our way to ensure that customer feel safe when travelling with Midttrafik.

See the Danish Health Authority’s recommendations here

headline here
How Midttrafik is making travelling safer
  • We are following the recommendations of the authorities
  • We are cleaning buses and trains etc. extra thoroughly, and focusing on contact points
  • We are airing buses and trains several times a day
  • We are offering contactless payment using the Midttrafik app or Rejsekort
  • We have deployed extra inspectors
  • The Midttrafik Live app enables you to choose a bus with plenty of space
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How to make travelling safer for yourself and others
  • Follow the recommendations of the authorities
  • Be considerate to others and keep as much distance as possible
  • Use hand sanitiser after touching contact points
  • Stay at home if you are ill
  • Make space for others when boarding and alighting
  • Use contactless payment, e.g. the Midttrafik app or Rejsekort
  • Travel outside rush hour if you feel more comfortable doing so (rush hour is about 7.00 – 8.30 and 15.00 – 17.00)