Flextur is a supplement to public transport for everyone in Central Denmark Region.

You decide the pickup time and destination. Flextur can be used for everything: You may use it to the shopping mall, the doctor or if you want to visit friends.

Flextur is available every day from 6.00 - 24.00 except December 24. and 31.

You will get the pickup time, when you order. You will be driven by taxi, minibus or passenger car – all with Flextrafik logos.

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How do you order Flextur?

Order by phone on +45 87 40 83 00 (press 2) Monday - Sunday 7.00 - 20.00.

You may also order Flextur online on:

You have to order Flextur at least one hour before pickup.

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Find the price on your Flextur

Use the online tool Flextur prisberegner (in Danish) to calculate the price for your Flextur. The price is a guideline only.

The price on your Flextur depends on which municipality you are in.

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Travel regulations

Below, you find a selection of travel regulations for Flextur. If you have any questions, please call +45 87 40 83 00 (press 2) Monday - Sunday 7.00 - 20.00.

From address to address at the kerb
You will be picked up and delivered at the kerb on the departure and arrival address.

More people in the same car
You might experience more people in the same car. This also means that your journey might be longer than the direct way from A to B. For instance if the car has to pick up other people on the way. You will only pay for the direct way.

If you bring any luggage, you must tell us when you order your Flextur. The driver will help you with one bag less than 11 kg. If your bag weighs more than 11 kg, you have to carry it yourself into the car. It is not possible to bring a bike. If you bring more than one bag, you have to pay for it. The price is the same as one passenger.

Assistive technology
You can bring assistive technology such as walkers and wheelchairs. Remember to inform us about it, when you order.

Pram, pushchair and car seat
You have to bring a car seat for your child (less than 135 cm) in order for the child to be fasten. If you bring a pram or pushchair, you have to inform us when you order. The pram or pushchair should be able to be folded together.

If you order online on midttrafik.flextrafik.dk or Flextrafik app, you have to pay with card (Dankort/VisaDankort). If you order by phone, you have to pay cash to the driver in the exact amount (the driver do not have changes). You can only pay with cash in the car.

Small animals in bags are allowed if they do not take up a seat in the car. Service dogs and guide dogs are allowed.

You can order Flextur to maximum 5 people. One person at full price, the other four get 50% off. You cannot order a group travel. If you are more than 6 people, you must order separately. We cannot guarantee that the pickup time will be the same if you order more than one car.