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Travel Guarantee

If you are travelling by bus or by Lemvigbanen, then Midttrafik’s Travel Guarantee offers the opportunity for financial compensation if you are more than 20 minutes delayed for your destination.

What does the Travel Guarantee include?

Midttrafik refunds travel expenses up to 50 kilometers. You can either take a taxi or get someone to drive you. If you choose to take a taxi, make sure to save the receipt, and if you get someone to drive you the roundtrip expenses will be refunded according to state rates.

Expenses to either taxi or car are only refunded to the destination that the bus or train would have taken you to.

Here does the Travel Guarantee apply

The Travel Guarantee encompasses all busses in the Midttrafik area as well as Lemvigbanen. It applies if the bus or the train is the cause of you being more than 20 minutes delayed for your destination. Whether you choose to take a taxi or travel by car is your choice. Subsequently, you can apply for a refund of your expenses. Note that if you travel by car it is the driver who needs to apply for compensation.

Here does the Travel Guarantee not apply

The Travel Guarantee does not apply if the delay is caused by circumstances that Midttrafik has no influence on (Force Majeure), such as strikes, blockades, traffic accidents, bad weather with severe snow, glazed frost or hurricanes, or if similar transport by car is estimated to have been hampered to same extent. Also, the Travel Guarantee does not apply if Midttrafik has informed of changed driving not later than 24 hours in advance on or via other local media.

Please note that the Travel Guarantee does not apply to that part of your journey you would have done with train, plane or ferry (e.g. expenses to a new ticket). Also, it does not apply if your delay is caused in connection with change from train, plane or ferry.

Also note that Midttrafik only guarantees correspondences that appear from the timetable. For all other correspondences you always need to plan your journey so that you have at least 4 minutes to change bus.

How to apply for the Travel Guarantee?

You need to fill in a refund application form, which can be found and printed here.

The application form must be send to Midttrafik along with any taxi receipt and it must be received by Midttrafik not later than 14 days after you have used the Travel Guarantee. If the deadline for the application is exceeded, you cannot expect to receive compensation.

If you are entitled to compensation, then we will transfer the money to your bank account. Therefore, when you fill out the application form and send it to us, we kindly ask you to write your e-ban number and your swift code.

Send a letter to:
Att.: Rejsegaranti
Søren Nymarks Vej 3
8270 Højbjerg

Or via e-mail to:


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