Redevelopment of Aarhus bus station 2020/2021

August 25 the redevelopment is complete

Since October 2020 Aarhus bus station has been redeveloped. Now the redevelopment is complete, and Midttrafik's buses have moved to their final bus stands.

The long-distance buses will be moving into the bus station on August 30.

Now Aarhus bus station is again a safe place. New bus stands have been established, as well as waiting facilities, seating, lighting and plants. Moreover, new electronic displays have been installed which show the next departures, as well as where the buses are parked.

You can find the buses’ new – and permanent – bus stands on the map below.

Changes for buses 31 and 87

The completion of the bus station is resulting in a few adjustments to the timetable for buses 31 and 87.

Bus 31 to Moesgaard Strand will once again run along Spanien/Strandvejen in both directions, and will depart from and return to Aarhus bus station. In other words, it will no longer stop on Sønder Allé.

Bus 87 to Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby will return to the bus station. In other words, it too will no longer stop on Sønder Allé.

Map of the bus stops and stands from September 7

Click the map to view it in full size.

Reason for the redevelopment