Reason for the redevelopment

The reason for bus station redevelopment is that, in October 2019, it became clear that there was a risk of the bus station’s concrete deck collapsing into the underground car park beneath it. 

This meant that large parts of the bus station were cordoned off in October 2019 due to the risk of collapse.

It also meant that many bus stands had to be moved away from the bus station, including those for long-distance buses.

The City of Aarhus, which is responsible for the underground car park beneath the bus station, has decided to fill in the car park with sand and gravel, and to re-establish the area above it for bus stands. I.e. it is being done for safety reasons. 

New bus station layout after the redevelopment

When the work is over, probably in July 2021, the new layout of the bus station will make it possible for Midttrafik’s buses and long-distance buses to move back to the bus station.

With the new layout, there will be a clearer distinction between where Midttrafik’s buses and long-distance buses stop. Also, access to and from the bus station will become one-way, and the number of reversing buses will be reduced.