Buying tickets via Midttrafik app (Billet-app): Information about our specific processing of your personal data

Last updated 4 March 2022

Read more about your rights in our general privacy policy: Explanation
When and how do we collect your information? When you register as a user with Midttrafik (Midttrafik ticket app) and buy travel tickets, or search for information and prices about a journey, you provide us with the data we need to be able to administer you as a customer or to suggest a travel ticket. When you purchase travel tickets and use your multi-trip ticket in the app, we register your IP address. When you actively give your consent in the app, we collect data about your device.
What type of information about you is processed? What type of information about you is processed? In connection with using Midttrafik (the Midttrafik ticket app), Midttrafik collects and processes data such as your full name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, profile image (option with transit ticket), IP address, payment details, location data, and travel history for completed and cancelled ticket purchases by registering your stated stop and at which time of day the trip is expected to start and finish. In relation to the Youth card, Midttrafik also uses your CPR number (to identify Youth card details), your place of residence, which educational institution you are enrolled with as well as the image you upload in connection with setting up a Youth card. In connection with support cases, we may ask for your consent to collect and process data about your smart phone model, operating system and app version.
What do we use the information for? The data collected is processed as part of Midttrafik’s public exercise of authority to ensure Midttrafik’s conduct of its transport tasks in connection with the sale of travel tickets, as well as to enable Midttrafik to offer the best possible service as a transport company, issue receipts, identify you as a customer in connection with support cases, handle complaints about fines as well as to collect payment. Transactions are monitored to detect and prevent errors and abuse. The data is also processed to comply with Midttrafik’s legal obligations. Midttrafik processes your CPR number to ensure unequivocal identification of you as a customer with Midttrafik, or for use as a reference number.
What is the legal basis? The data processing is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, including Article 6(1)(c), Article 6(1)(e) and Article 5. Midttrafik’s processing of customers’ CPR numbers is based on the Danish Data Protection Act (Databeskyttelsesloven), Section 11(1). The way in which we process your device data is subject to Article 6 (1) (a) of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerning consent. As a customer, you are always entitled to withdraw your consent via the app under Settings, after which your data will be deleted.
Are there other recipients of this information? Recipients of the data can include other Danish authorities, for example the police in the case of reported fraud etc., DSB ticket control or the Ministry of Children and Education in relation to documentation regarding the sale of Youth cards, as well as Midttrafik’s chosen payment solutions.
How long do we keep your information for? We store your data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes described above and to meet our obligation to journalise and keep accounts.