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Flexbus (dial-a-ride bus)

Flexbus dial-a-ride bus departures are departures in the timetable which only run when they have been pre-booked. The departure times and stops can be found in the timetable or at Rejseplanen.dk. 

The trip must be booked at least an hour before the stated departure, which is easy to do via Rejseplanen.dk. 

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Flextur (dial-a-ride trips)

Flextur dial-a-ride trips are not scheduled departures. You book the trip from and to the address you want. For example from the swimming pool, the shopping centre or from a friend’s house.

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Plustur (dial-a-ride service)

Plustur dial-a-ride services are available in areas that are not serviced by buses or trains. A Plustur dial-a-ride service will take you from your address to a bus stop or train station – or the other way round.

Plustur can only be booked online via Rejseplanen.dk. When Plustur is an option, it will be included as part of the journey which you are searching for at Rejseplanen.dk.

Read more about Plustur (in Danish)

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