Midttrafik Live: Information about our specific processing of your personal data

When and how do we collect your information?
Midttrafik Live requires no user set-up. If you select favourite buses or stops in the app, the information is saved locally on your device. Midttrafik Live involves a live service, where Midttrafik has access to certain anonymous statistical information about user behaviour on the app. The information which is collected is what is clicked on, how long the app is used for, and from which device and which telecommunications service provider the app is used. This information is collected with a view to optimising your user experience, and happens after you have given your consent. 

Midttrafik Live collects information on your location, for the purpose of enabling you to see where you are in relation to the buses on the map in the app. When you download the app, you can choose not to allow access to your location details. If you accept the app having access to your location details, you can always cancel access again under settings on your device. Midttrafik Live also collects the IP address from which you are accessing Midttrafik Live, with the aim of being able to follow up on any deliberate attempts to overload Midttrafik Live’s servers.

You can at any time withdraw your consent by simply deleting the Midttrafik Live app from your mobile phone or tablet.

Your information is not shared with anyone else.

What is the legal basis?
The processing of the information and data is covered by Article 6(1)(a) of the General Data Protection Regulation, as well as Article 5 of the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Information retention period
Location details are only processed during the user session and are not subsequently stored.

Your IP address is deleted after one week.

Your rights
When you are registered in connection with using the app, you have a number of rights under the General Data Protection Regulation. To find out more about your rights or how to exercise your rights, you may contact the organisation’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) by using the following contact details:

DPO Danmark
Email: DPO-midttrafik@dpo-danmark.dk
Address: Jens Kofods Gade 1, 1268 Copenhagen K
Tel.: +45 7734 4600

Data Controller
Midttrafik is the Data Controller in connection with the processing of your information in the Midttrafik Live app. This applies to all the personal information which is processed in connection with your use of the app. If you wish to contact Midttrafik in connection with our role as Data Controller, you can do so using the following contact details:

Søren Nymarks Vej 3
DK-8270 Højbjerg
Tel.: +45 8740 8200

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