Everyone is more likely to enjoy their journey more when we show consideration for one another. Small things make a big difference, such as turning down the volume of your music, tidying up after you have consumed food and drink, making sure your kick scooter stays where it should during the trip and speaking quietly on your mobile phone.

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Turning away customers

The driver can refuse admission or discharge passengers from the bus if they are behaving improperly and annoying other passengers or the driver. The driver can also refuse admission to persons who do not have or who will not purchase a valid ticket or card, and who otherwise do not follow the driver’s instructions – for example about how to behave with a mobile phone.

In the event of serious or repeated cases, persons who bother the driver and/or other passengers will be banned from travelling by bus for a period of time.

Updated 16 June 2021 

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Use of mobile phones

Use headsets instead of speakers, and avoid turning the volume up so high that it annoys other passengers or the driver. In so far as possible, avoid talking on your phone, but if you have to, speak quietly.

Updated 16 June 2021 

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Roller skates

Do not wear roller skates while travelling by bus or Letbanen for safety reasons. You must remove your roller skates before you board the train or bus, and you can only put them on again once you have alighted.

Updated February 2019

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Smoking and alcohol

Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is not permitted on buses, Letbanen or Midtjyske Jernbaner trains. Smoking is not permitted on Letbanen platforms.

Alcohol must not be consumed on buses, Letbanen or on board Midtjyske Jernbaner trains. 

Updated 30 October 2020