Multi-trip tickets

When you buy a multi-trip ticket, you are buying 10 single trip tickets at a discount. A multi-trip ticket is cheaper than using single trip tickets, and is often a good solution if you travel less than four times a month. If you travel more than four times a month, you should consider buying a Rejsekort instead.

Several people can travel together on a multi-trip ticket by using one trip/charge per person. However, you cannot enlarge the validity area/number of zones for a journey by using several trips/charges.

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Multi-trip tickets can be used when travelling by bus, Letbanen and Midtjyske Jernbaner.

Multi-trip tickets cannot be used on Arriva and DSB trains.

Multi-trip tickets can be purchased in the Midttrafik app

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Purchasing an excess fare

If you need to travel in more zones than you have on your multi-trip ticket, you can buy an excess fare/extra zone from the driver or in the Midttrafik app. 

On Aarhus city buses, an extra fare can be purchased using the ticket machine on board the bus.

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Validity period in Aarhus

A multi-trip ticket can be the cheapest option in Aarhus because it is valid for 2 hours (+ 15 min.). It all depends on your trip.

In the City of Aarhus (zones 301-313), a trip is valid for 2 hours and 15 minutes – two hours as for normal tickets plus 15 minutes to cover the time it takes to activate the trip before boarding.

You must have completed your journey before the end of the validity period.