Rejsekort is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, Letbanen and train.

You can buy and read more about rejsekort at

Information specific about rejsekort in Midttrafik
You can use your rejsekort on most of Midttrafik’s buses, Letbanen and trains. 

Your rejsekort cannot be used on Lemvigbanen and on some local routes.

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What is check in mini

Local bus routes with fewer customers have check in mini facilities instead of the full check in and check out card reader system.

If you’ll be using a bus with the check in mini system, you should note the following:

  • You must check in and out with the driver.
  • You must top up your rejsekort at a rejsekort ATM or at a rejsekort point of sale Top ups made at cannot be read by check in mini card readers. We therefore recommend getting a rejsekort with an automatic reload agreement.
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Aarhus city buses

On Aarhus city buses, you can enter and exit using any of the doors. Check in and check out readers are therefore located by all doors.

You can only have more than one person travelling on a single rejsekort on Aarhus city buses if you have checked in on a regional bus or on the train. 

It is not possible to check in multiple people, and so you will be unable to start a journey for which more than one person is travelling on the same rejsekort.

Single tickets can be purchased from the ticket machine in the bus if more than one person is travelling and you did not check in before boarding.

You cannot change customer type on Aarhus city buses if you are using rejsekort Flex or rejsekort Anonymous.

These special arrangements are in place because self-ticketing applies on Aarhus city buses.

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You have to check your rejsekort in and out on the card reader located on the station. It is important to check in before boarding Letbanen. 

You can fill up your rejsekort at the ticket machine (rejsekort ticket machine) located on the station*.  

*On Stockholmsgade there is only a ticket machine on the station towards Aarhus. 

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Night bus service

The nighttime supplement of DKK 20 will be deducted automatically when travelling on a night bus. You just need to check in and out as normal.