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Dear tourist/visitor

Welcome to the region of Midtjylland in Denmark.

Here are a few facts about our public transportation.

Midttrafik wishes you a pleasant stay.

In general ...

The organisation Midttrafik coordinates all the buses, plus Midtjyske Jernbaner A/S (two local railways):

Aarhus Nærbane, connecting Grenaa - Aarhus - Odder, and

Lemvigbanen, connecting Holstebro-Lemvig-Thyborøn in west Jutland.

Other trains are operated by DSB - The Danish Railways and Arriva

Further information:

Brochure in English: "Midttrafik - Facts and key figures": About Midttrafik

Here are a few guidelines for you to travel by bus in Midtjylland:

Buses in Aarhus and other city buses

Enter the yellow city buses ("bybus") in Aarhus through any door and buy your ticket at the ticket machine. Unless you have a bus pass or a multiride ticket ("klippekort"), you have to buy a ticket immediately, when you enter the bus.

If you don´t have a ticket, you risk getting a penalty fare (750 kroner).

In the Aarhus area there are thirteen zones:

City map (pdf)

Timetables Aarhus

(Mandag-fredag = Monday to Friday. Lørdag = Saturday, Søn- og helligdage = Sundays and holidays).

The fares for busrides (adult 16 years and older) in Aarhus are:

  • 20 kr. (1-2 zones)
  • 30 kr. (3 zones)
  • 40 kr. (4 zones)

But we recommend that you buy a "klippekort" - a multiride ticket valid for 10 busrides. Much money to save there ...

For example a 10-ride "klippekort" valid for two zones costs 140 kr.

Another option is to buy the AarhusCard, valid for 24 or 48 hours. With this you can travel as you please within zone 1 and 2 on city buses and regional buses. Furthermore you get discounts on the entrance for museums/attractions and for cafés, restaurants and much more.

Bus pass - If you´re a student, who ride by bus many times a week

We recommend that you buy a bus pass - a socalled "Periodekort", which is - for example - valid for one month.

During that period you can ride as many times as you want within the zones, that you pay for.

Buy your bus pass or Aarhus Card here:

Midttrafik Kundecenter (Customer Service)

Aarhus Bus Station

Fredensgade 45 (view map)

8000 Aarhus C

Open monday to sonday 7.00 AM to 11.00 PM.

Phone: 70 210 230

Information (website only)

City buses elsewhere in Midtjylland (in danish)

Night buses in Aarhus and other cities (in danish)

Regional buses

Regional buses are usually blue. You enter the bus at the front door and buy your ticket from the bus driver.

Timetables regional buses

Fares in Midttrafik Øst, Syd og Midt

Fares in Midttrafik Vest

Stations, tourist agencies, kiosks i.e. where you can buy tickets


If you need help to plan your journeys, please visit or call:

Midttrafik Kundecenter (Customer Service),

Aarhus Busterminal (close by the railway station),

Fredensgade 45, 8000 Aarhus C (view on map)

Phone: +45 70 210 230. Open all days 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Other local information centres (the service hours vary)

Journey Planner (from A to B)

Try this useful online tool for scheduling your trip. It works for all of Denmark: - Journey Planner (in English)

Other ways of travelling …


Aarhus Airport

Aarhus Airport Bus

Karup Airport

Billund Airport


Map of ferries

  • Aarhus to Sealand (Sjællands Odde/ Kalundborg): Molslinien
  • Grenaa to Varberg (Sweden): Stena Line
  • Grenaa to Anholt (a small island in the sea of Kattegat): Anholt Ferry

Tourist information

VisitAarhus (website only) - the biggest city in the region. Approx. 318.000 inhabitants

Explore the regions in Denmark


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