Ticket and prices

Tickets and prices are the same in Letbanen as in Midttrafik’s buses.

Remember to buy your ticket before entering Letbanen. You cannot buy tickets in the light rail train. 

Information about Midttrafik's tickets

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Specific information about single tickets in Letbanen

You can buy a single ticket in the ticket machine at most of the stations. You can only pay with card - not with cash. 

You can also buy a single ticket in Midttrafik app or as a print out ticket

Single tickets are the most expensive option per ride. It can however be a good option, if you only travel by bus a few times, while you are here.

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Specific information about rejsekort in Letbanen

Rejsekort is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, Letbanen and train. 

You have to check your rejsekort in and out on the card reader located on the station. It is important to check in before boarding Letbanen. 

Buy and read more about rejsekort

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