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Aarhus Airport busses - route 925X

Aarhus Airport website

Departure and arrival
Departure and arrival in Aarhus C takes place in the square Banegårdspladsen - next to the central station. Look for route number 925X.

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Search for departure times
The departure times of the airport shuttle are not planned until flight departures/arrivals to and from Aarhus Airport have been determined. You may experience that the departure times of the airport shuttle are only known 2 or 3 weeks ahead in time. It is therefore not possible to search for an airport shuttle departure months ahead.

If you have questions about the airport shuttle or departure times, please contact Midttrafik Kundecenter (customer service) on tel. +45 70 210 230.

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The transport
The timetable of the airport shuttle is adapted to the flights and the check-in-rutine for Aarhus Airport. If flight times are changed, or the flights are delayed, the shuttle times will be changed as well. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO FLIGHTS WITH BRITISH AIRWAYS.

Please note
If you carry a large volume of luggage and/or extraordinary items, we recommend that you take an earlier bus departure do to the possibility of extented check-in-time.

If your destination is not in Denmark, you should always follow the guidelines and regulations for foreign travels.

Fewer stops - less travel time
The airport shuttle drives directly between Aarhus and Aarhus Airport with a few stops along the way. From the airport the shuttle will always be ready and will depart as soon as all customers have claimed their luggage.

Driving time between Aarhus and Aarhus Airport is 50 minutes.

Fares and tickets
On the way to the airport, you can deduct 2-4 zones from the one-way ticket price if you have a valid cash ticket for the city busses. On the way to the airport, there is free transfer to buses in the Aarhus area within zones 1-13 if you have purchased a one-way ticket.

You can pay with the following payment cards, if the card has a chip: Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, V Pay, JCB, China Union Pay og American Express.

You can also pay with Midttrafik app Select the ticket "Aarhus Airport" under Other tickets in the menu.

You can also pay with rejsekort. Remember to check out when the bus arrives at Aarhus Airport. 

Apart from DKK the follow currencies can be used (only notes): EUR, GBP, USD, NOK, SEK and CHF. The bus company Arriva sets the exchange rate.

See prices for airport buses

The stops of the airport shuttle will be shown when using the search function in the above table.

In the airport shuttle there is good comfort with room for legs and luggage. Today’s paper is available.